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Hi! I’m Kate Notwell, holistic & culinary nutritionist and founder of Get Well Co. I started this company to educate and help people live a holistic lifestyle. I believe in and spread the word about the power of nutrition, the importance of real self-care, and how we can incorporate a love for the planet into our lives every single day. I am certain that what we eat is the single most important factor in determining our health.

My passions include FOOD, recipe development, food photography, writing and public speaking. My hobbies include yoga, running, swimming, reading and eating. I have high functioning anxiety, am an extreme extrovert, and LOVE human interaction. I am a part-time bar supervisor with a love for wine, beer and bourbon because you’ve got to live a little lol! I am an avid faster, live a low carb life, and believe that sometimes you gotta cheat 🙂

My specialties include female hormone balancing, blood sugar balancing including helping those with insulin resistance, diabetes, metabolic disorder and Alzheimer’s disease, and mental health issues. I am a Low Carb and Fasting coach as well.

Get Well Co. services include both private and group cooking classes, workshops and nutrition consultations, small group catering, and plans to expand into meal prep and weekly meal services.

Email kate@getwellco.ca for more information and to book any service. Online consultations are available now.  For more info please visit Kate’s website at www.getwellco.ca

Nutritional Counselling Rates

First Counselling Session – $200 (includes 1 hour session + half hour follow-up, 4-6 week protocol)

Second Counselling Session – $150 (includes 45 minute session, 4 week protocol)

Third Session+ – $100 (45 minutes, protocol update), $80 (30 minutes, protocol update)


Your First Appointment:

  • A full health history will be taken to help better understand your health concerns (whether simple back pain or a more complicated disease process).
  • A full assessment and structural diagnosis followed by a full body treatment.
  • A treatment plan will be developed that is consistent with the patient’s needs.
  • The first treatment is 30-45 minutes long.

Subsequent Appointments:

  • Treatment that is consistent with the patient’s needs and treatment plan, which can include a full body treatment and focus on the patients specific areas of need.
  • Subsequent appointments are 15-30 minutes to maximize the inhibitory benefits of treatment.

Appointments available Monday to Saturday! We accept visa/master/debit card, cash or cheque. Book Online Now

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